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Molded Case Circuit Breaker

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JHM1  MCCB(molded case circuit breaker) is a device to protect the equipment from short-circuit, overload. Our MCCB are made according IEC60947-2 standards, rated current from 63A to 1600A are available. Based on the tripping method, we cover thermal-magnetic type and electronic type. According to your application, auxiliary contact, shunt trip, alarming contact, under voltage modular, rotary handle, insert base and residual protection modular etc. are ready well for your special requirement. JNG also is a professional manufacturer and would be your reliable partner in the line of moulded case circuit breakers.


Serial: JHM1

Standard: IEC60947-2

Current Range: 16A-1600A

Detailed Type: JHM1-63L   JHM1-100L   JHM1-225L   JHM1-400L   JHM1-630L   JHM1-800L    JHM1-1600L


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