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LA2-DT F8-11 F4-11 Modules

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LA2-DT2 Series Timer On Delay Relay Module

    LA2-DT timer on delay auxiliary contact blocks are combined with LC1-D AC megnetic contactor & LA1-D Auxiliary contact block into LC3-D star-delta to reduced voltage start a electric motor. (Rated Insulation Class AC660V,Conventional Thermal Current(Ith) 10A)




F8-11 NO+NC Circuit Breaker Auxiliary Contactor Switch

    Auxiliary Contact Module/Block is the AC contactor and relay contact attachment, the attachment connected to the exchange of contacts and contact auxiliary relay contacts can be extended contactor number in the control circuit in the transient or delay on or breaking Circuit. The auxiliary contactor can not be used alone.


  • Product Name : Auxiliary Contactor Block;Model : F8-11;Material : Plastic, Electrical Parts
  • Main Color : Black;NC Contactor Quantity : 1;NO Contactor Quantity : 1
  • Power : Ith: 10A,Ui: 660V;Temperature : -25-45CEL
  • Protection Grade : IP10; Total Size (Approx.) : 7.2 x 7 x 1.2cm/ 2.8" x 2.7" x 0.5"(L * W * T)
  • Weight : 41g; Package Content : 1 x Auxiliary Contactor Block



F4-11 auxiliary contactor blocks (Module)

    The F4 auxiliary contactor blocks are mainly used in the circuit rated voltage up to 380V, 50Hz, rated current up to 0.95A; Or in the circuit DC-13, rated voltage up to DC220V, rated current up to 0.15A, which are installed at the top of control reply or LC1-D AC contactor for expanding the couples of auxiliary contacts points, Owing to adopting the contacting functions of sliding friction, the item can be self-cleaning & ensuring the electric circuit to be reliable.



Type Number of contacts 

F4-11 NO+NC  

F4-20 2NO 

F4-22 2NO+2NC 

F4-40 4NO 

F4-04 4NC 

F4-13 1NO+3NC 

F4-31 3NO+1NC





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