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KYH1-40.5 Model Removable AC Metal-clad Switchgear

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KYH1-40.5 Model Removable AC Metal-clad Switchgear

KYH1-40.5 model Metalclad Centered Metal-enclosed Switchgear (hereinafter referred to as switchgear) is a new product  independently designed and developed by HEAG group after absorbing international advanced technology. The product  has the outstanding advantages as follows:      
 1.1 The enclosure is completely formed by Al-Zn coated steel plate after multiple bending processed by CNC machine,  then is assembled with the bolts, which has strong mechanical strength and effectively ensure the neatness and good   appearance. The door is painted by the plastic powder and has strong anti-impact and corrosion proof ability. The protection  grade of enclosure is IP4X.        
1.2 The main circuit breaker is VHY1-40.5 model Solid-sealed Vacuum Circuit Breaker, which is independently designed  and developed by HEAG group. It has the unique advantages of long life, high reliability, less maintenance and small volume,   furthermore, it has perfect and reliable anti-misoperation function. Of course, the switchgear can be equipped with other   similar circuit breakers.        
1.3 The circuit breaker handcart is centred structure, which inherits the advantage of KYN28 model switchgear. This   structure avoids the adverse effects for the installation foundation against the movable/fixed contacts, and is convenient for  maintenance and overhaul.      
 The switchgear applies to three phase power system of rated voltage 24 40.5kV AC 50Hz(or 60Hz) for receiving and  distributing power energy, and also for circuit control, monitor and protection. It can be used in single-busbar system and  single-busbar section system.

It accords with the standards as follows:

 IEC 62271-200  ;      
 IEC 62271-1      ;        
GB 3906            ;        
GB/T 11022       ;        
GB/T 1984        ;        
GB/T 1985        ;      
 DL/T 404           ;      
 DL/T 593           .

Environmental ambient temperature: +40 -15 , daily average not exceed 35 ;  
Altitude above sea level: not exceed 1000m;  
Relative humidity: daily average less than 95%, monthly average less than 90%;  -3 -3   Saturated vapor pressure: daily average less than 2.2 10 MPa, monthly average less than 1.8 10 MPa ;  
Earthquake intensity: not exceed 8 grade;  
The environmental air without flammable, explosive and corrosive material;   Site without frequent vibration.      
 If the service conditions exceed the above mentioned range, the user shall consult the manufacturer.  The switchgear shall be equipped with a heater to avoid the condensation. The heater shall operate all day when the   switchgear is in the steady or operating state.        
For the special locations of bad operation conditions, e.g. the underground substation, the unmanned substation and  son on, the constant temperature & humidity-reduced equipment shall be added indoor to improve the operating condition  and ensure the safe and reliable operation of the switchgear.

5.1 Integrative three-dimensional structural design and good appearance;      
5.2 The enclosure is made of imported Al-Zn coated plate after double bending and assembled with the bolts. It has the  features of high accuracy, good rigidity and good corrosion-proof function;        
5.3 Adopt a new-style APG contact box with the interphase insulation baffle plate inside the cubicle;        
5.4 Adopt electric field grading voltage and shielding design, which is of reliable insulation and can satisfy full-working  condition requirements.      
5.5 Be provided with a mature and reliable five-prevention locking device to completely realize the closed-door operation In front of the cubicle.        
5.6 Be provided with the reliable VHY1 model solid-sealed centred vacuum circuit breaker and JN  model earth switch  with short-circuit making ability and a quick closing mechanism. Meanwhile, the location of the handcart is obviously up,  and the coordination between the guide rail and the bottom board machine adopts multi-point(up down left right) positioning  mode, which can effectively decrease the electric power torque arm between the movable contact and the fixed contact,   greatly enhance the ability of anti active thermal stable current.      
 5.7 The circuit breaker handcart is centred structure, which inherits the advantage of KYN28 model switchgear. This   structure avoids the adverse effects for the installation foundation against the movable/fixed contacts, and is convenient for   maintenance and overhaul.        
5.8 Be equipped with normal relay protection device or integrated micro-computer protection relay.        
5.9 The fixed contact box and through bushings are of inner grading voltage & outer shielding structure, which can avoid  the partial point discharge, effectively restrain the thermal breakdown and the electric thermal breakdown of the solid insulation   under AC electric field, so as to improve the actual effect of insulation life and insulation aging protection.

The product structure shown as Fig. 1.  
The switchgear consists of a fixed body and the withdrawable parts. According to the function, the fixed body can be   divided into four function units of busbar compartment, CB compartment, cable compartment and LV compartment. The  mounting screws for side mounting is of special design, which will make the cubicles without the exposed fastening pieces   at the side, and is convenient to put them together. If the faults occur, the cubicles can be quickly pulled out from the cubicle   arrangement so as to recover power supply in time.        
The withdrawable parts includes the circuit breaker, the lightening arrester, the fuse, the disconnector and potential   transformer.        
The power indicator is mounted in the cubicle for inspecting the operating condition of primary circuit and is user-selectable  which consists of a HV sensor and a display. The sensor is mounted at the side of busbar or feeder, and the display is mounted on the name plate of the L.V. Compartment.      
 6.1 Enclosure, baffle plate and pressure releasing device        
The enclosure and the baffle plates are made of Al-Zn coated steel plate after processed by CNC machine and double  -bending, then are assembled with the bolts of high strength, and three pieces of double-layer double-bending pillars(8mm   thick) are in the middle of both side of cubicle, so as to ensure its uniformity in size and high mechanical strength. The cubicle  will not be out of shape during loading & unloading, transportation, installation and operation.        
The protection grade of enclosure is IP4X and that of the compartment is IP2X, so that, the three H.V. compartments   are of full metal isolation and independently connect ground between each other and with the L.V. compartment, to ensure   the safety of equipments and the personnel safety.        
There is a metal shielding passage for the secondary cables crossing, to ensure that the high electric field inside the   cubicle will not interfere with the working of the secondary control circuit.        The cubicle door is coated by plastic powder, so that the surface is anti-impact and corrosion-proof, and ensure a beautiful   appearance.        
Perfect internal anti arcing fault design. The pressure-releasing devices are respectively mounted on the top of handcart   compartment, busbar compartment and cable compartment. When the internal fault arc occurs, the pressure releasing plate  will be automatically opened to release the gas and pressure, so as to protect the near compartment from suffering and   ensure the safety of operators in front of the cubicle.
6.2 CB compartment        
A special guide rail, which is  model of high strength, is installed in CB compartment for the handcar t to move inside   the compartment. The  model guide rail improves the reliability of the movable electricity joints between the CB handcart   and the cubicle through the four-direct positioning against the circuit breaker. It is processed by the advanced laser cutting   machine and its positioning is accuracy. The handcart can move between the isolating/testing position and the working   4position. The movable baffle plate is made of good metal sheet is installed on the back wall of the handcart compartment.   When the handcart moves from the isolating/testing position to the working position, the baffle plate will automatically open,  contrarily, it will automatically close, thereby to protect the operators from touching the electricity.  All the normal operations of the switchgear including the opening/closing operation, the movement of the handcart  between the isolating/testing position and the working position, and the operation of the earth switch, are done only if the   cubicle door is closed. The closing/opening state of the CB handcart, the position of the CB handcart and the closing/opening  state, are all equipped with the obvious and reliable mechanical indicators or the electronic analog indicators according to  the requirement, so as to effectively ensure the personnel safety.      
The coupling between the secondary circuit of the switchgear and that of the handcart is realized through the manual  secondary aerial plug. Only when the handcart is in the isolating/test position, the secondary plug can be plugged into or   unplugged. When the handcart is in the working position, the secondary plug will be locked and can not be unplugged due   to the effect of the mechanical interlocking device.        
6.3 Handcart        
The frame of the handcart is made of the steel plate after bending and is welded together. According to its usage, the handcart can be sorted into CB handcart, PT handcart, disconnector handcart and so on. The height and depth of different   kinds are same, so those of same specification are interchangable. The handcart has the isolating/testing position and the  working position in the cubicle. Each position is equipped with a positioning device to ensure that the handcart only can be  correspondingly operated in the specified position. Unlock the position lock be fore move the handcart, the circuit breaker  must be in opening state before move the CB handcart.  6.4 Hydraulic lift type service truck        The service truck is lift type, which can easily lift the handcart or put it on the ground or the desk. There are the reliable  locking devices: Only when the service truck reliably connect the cubicle, the handcart can be pushed into the cubicle or pulled  out from the cubicle; When the handcart is pulled onto the service truck, it will be conveniently locked and the height will be  suitably lower during transportation to avoid the accident of overturning.



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