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DHN5 Strip type fuse switch disconnector

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DHN5 Strip type fuse switch disconnector


With unique technology processing,   DN Series strip fuse switch disconnector has so many features for its applications:


DHN5 series vertical fuse switch can be operated with load, upper and lower in coming wire and out going wire are convenient to be exchanged. The current grade is 160A-630A, In-line fuse type isolating switch integrated with initiating current transformer, it also can be mounted the fuse monitor, The product not only can break with single phase, but also can break with three phases Simultaneous, In addition, it can save large space when the complete product are installed for it, so it is widely used for importing box type transformer substation. 


This product is in coformity with standard, IEC947-3(1999) .Max. reaking capacity : 80kA




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