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11kV IMZ12 Cast in Epoxy Resin

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 11kV IMZ12 Cast in Epoxy Resin



The IMZ12 transformers are cast in epoxy resin and designed for insulation voltages up to 12 kV. The 3.6 kV and 7.2kV versions have the same dimensions as the 12 kV. For certain types of panels there is a need for extra long creepage distance on the transformers. For this purpose you can order current transformers with "ribs on the top"


The type current transformer is epoxy resin casting fully-enclosed support-type structure, with big creepage distance and reinforced insulation, its dynamic stability performance is high, it is suitable for the larger system in short circuit current. Not only the product is pollutant-proof、humid-proof , and also is suitable for the district that is severely pollutant , severely humid , and is even used in the fixed-type switch cabinet type XGN-10..


3.1 Rated insulation level:12/42/75kV;

3.2 Rated frequency:50Hz;

3.3 Rated secondary current:5A;

3.4 Basic accuracy class combination:0.5/10P,0.5/5P10;

3.5 Measurement class meter safety factor:FS≤10;

3.6 Accuracy class and corresponding rated output、rated short-time current, please see the table;

3.7 Protection class accuracy limited factor:10P,5P10;

3.8 Partial discharge level: discharge amount is not more than 20pc.

3.9 Wiring scheme:


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